Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in northern France, southern Belgium and Luxembourg.

Monday, April 20, 2015

An epistle to my loved ones, containing my most excited emotions.

Really, really good week.

Of course, the biggest news first: our Frère Lony Loungossi has been baptized and confirmed. It was a beautiful service and he is so, so happy. He still sends us daily texts about how great this whole thing is and how much joy and peace he feels now. For those of you blessed enough to read French, here's an example from yesterday: "Mes petits anges, Wheatley, Stanford, vous m'avez montré et conduit dans le bon chemin qui mène à la vérité tracée par Jésus-Christ. Soyez bénis à jamais. Je suis un homme nouveau, très heureux. Oui, je suis devenu membre de la famille de DIEU." Super cool guy. I think I'll visit him after the mission. "And there are also many other things which [Lony texted], the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the [blog] itself could not contain the [texts] that should be written. Amen." - John 21:25

We also got so many lessons this week. 22, to be exact, and most of them were even planned. Let's just say that in France, that is a really good number. Not that we should focus on numbers, but we worked really hard and it paid off.

Just a really good week.

In other news, I ate a tomato this week. Like three slices of straight-up tomato with cheese on it. It was awful. Those of you who know me well will know that this is a big step in my life. Why do you people eat those things? Worst.

Crazy that my siblings are getting married! I thought real life went on pause when you went on your mission...?

I've got some other stories that I have no time to share. Maybe next week. For!

Love you guys! Elder Stanford, out.

From left to right: me, our awesome recent convert Pierre, Lony, Brother Tomba (another recent convert), Elder Wheatley. 

Just so you know how beautiful this place can be in Springtime.

Thanks to Sister Gillis and the ward primary for the card! You guys are the best.

Elder Wheatley and I celebrated 50 days together a while ago...don't ask.

We got PJs as a gift for cleaning out a house.

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