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Monday, June 13, 2016

Inspirés d'en haut

Hey all! Not a lot of time. But I just wanted to share a quick miracle with you.

On Saturday, March 11th, 2016, a woman named Lydie was sitting in her home in Paris. Despite being quite active in a Christian church, she had been feeling for some time that something was missing in her spiritual life. That day, she expressed to God in prayer that she wanted to be guided toward something that He wants for her. Then she went outside.

She later found herself on a bus, and decided to get off at a park in the northwestern part of Paris.


At the same time, two elders were just finishing with an activity in a chapel just north of Paris. One of them, the Chinese-looking one who speaks three non-Chinese languages, wanted to go contacting. The other, a Canadian with unmatched charisma, agreed. Following the Asian/Latino (Lasian?) one's inspiration, they called an investigator and asked where they had contacted him that one time, and received the name of a park in northwestern Paris. They decided to go.

After meeting many people in the park, from non-practicing Muslims to disinterested families to really attractive Atheist couples, they had seen no fruits. The one with fiery hair received a call and therefore stopped contacting. The one with the more fiery personality, however--ever faithful--continued on his own.


After sitting on a bench in the park for a little while, Lydie decided that was no way to find what she was looking for. She got up and started walking somewhere--where, she didn't know. But it would turn out to be the right path, both figuratively and literally.

As she walked, an Asian man in a suit approached her and spoke to her in a Spanish accent: words of salvation, happiness and peace. The words sunk deep into her soul and strengthened her faith in the Saviour.

Then she asked for a card and walked away, a little weirded out.


After the taller one finished with his phone call, he joined them as they went and sat down. The three of them were able to discuss spiritual things, watch a church video, share testimonies and even pray together.

And that's how we have a rendez-vous with Lydie this Wednesday. Pray for us!


Elder Stanford
District photo
(Jordan's 12th transfer-- 12 x 6 weeks!)

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