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Monday, November 14, 2016

Referral from on high


Just a little story this week, then I'm out. 

So I was out contacting with Elder Schow and it started to get dark. And unless you're living in the middle of Paris, darkness = tracting time. So we pulled out a map and prayed to ask God where He wanted us to go. Then we picked a couple of spots and prayed again to be directed in choosing one of them. We felt that we had to go over to one street in particular, about a 10-15 minute walk away. 

Now I would have you know that walking that long to go tracting, when there are houses all around you and you only have half an hour before you have start heading home, is not logical. The logical thing would be to not waste any time walking and just knock all the doors we can before our time is up—more doors means a higher chance that someone will let us in. But despite the fact that the walk would leave us only about 15-20 minutes to talk to people, we decided that God's ways are higher than our ways, and knocking three inspired doors would be better than a hundred uninspired ones. We think of it as a member referral from the Godhead. 

So we walked. We got there and... nothing! Just a creepy, dimly-lit alley. No houses. But we kept walking down the alley and finally found six or seven homes on the end of the street. And wouldn't you know it: on the third door we got let in. And Sandrine, the lady behind door #3, told us something crazy. Due to her masters studies in Brussels, plus her work schedule, she is only free and at home for one evening every two weeks. And it was that evening. 

So you'd better bet that two weeks from Saturday, we'll be back to teach her about the Plan of Salvation. 

Voilà. There's your cool missionary story of the week. Remember, just because these things happen, that doesn't take away your responsibility to share the restored gospel. Take it as an example of how to find someone who's ready to embrace it: repeated prayer, real intent, and following the Spirit. 

Hope that's not too preachy for ya. 

 Elder Stanford

Mission française de Paris

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