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Monday, June 8, 2015

District pictures and boubous

Honestly, the biggest news this week is that we got free boubous from Lony. A boubou is a traditional Africain style of clothing that we see so many Africains in the street wearing. It's a missionary tradition here to buy one from an African market, but we don't even need to anymore! (But we still might buy another.)

Number of transfers so far

Not much to report. We just need to find new people to teach because so many of the people we got right now are terrible at picking up their phones or being where they say they'll be and it makes it impossible for us to plan our days.

Just one funny story. We were walking with Christian, the awesome 17-year-old half-Japanese guy with a heart of gold. We were talking about his upcoming baptism and whatnot. He then switched to English (presumably so his friends close by wouldn't understand) and said "I have a you know how I have a girlfriend, right?" And we were like ohhh no. And he said, "So is it ok to have another girl as a friend, like if we're just friends? Even if I already have a girlfriend?" And we were just like, that's it?? Apparently in Japan if you walk down the street beside a girl it pretty much automatically means you're dating. We were just like " long as you're keeping the Law of Chastity" and he was like "oh of course!!" Haha so yeah. Super solid guy.
I got to see Elder Wheatley this week! He came down to Paris for legality. We went on a little exchange and I got to teach with him again for an evening. It was nice to be with someone just as companions for an evening. Training is great but it can be draining. Plus, Elder Wheatley is a fast walker like me. It was nice to walk quickly again. But I'm happy to be back with Elder Harris too.
Generation photo: my father and my son
Love you all!

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