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Monday, June 22, 2015

Three Books of Mormon

Hello all!
Not as much time this week. Because this morning we went and taught a lady that was awesome and golden and perfect and...moving back to the US right away. But seriously it was so cool. I'll tell you her story in a sec.
First of all, I wanted to tell you the results of last week's miracle when we were led by the Spirit directly to that South American on the bus. He actually just moved a few days ago to the other elders' sector, so we decided to do a mini-exchange to teach them the first lesson (because he already knew me, and he needed to get to know one of them). I went with Elder Lewis, one of the zone leaders, and met him and his wife and two daughters in a park. They are from El Salvador and she doesn't speak English so he translated for her the whole time. It went SUPER WELL and they were open and curious and it was great. At the end, the wife said "esperadkhgdellibrofauymormonydaefduyfamilia" (or something like that) and the husband translated: "I hope this book [The Book of Mormon] can help me and my family." So cool. I got to testify that it absolutely will.
Ok so. While I was with Elder Lewis teaching these wonderful people, Elder Harris was with Elder Lattin, the other ZL. They felt inspired to go contacting in a specific place that doesn't see much action. As soon as they got off the train, Elder Harris, who is a stud, contacted the first woman he saw. She said she's leaving back to the States soon but she'd like to hear our message just once before that. This morning was the only time. So we saw her and she was so awesome. She said that she and her husband have been looking for the right path to raise her child and future children in. She even said that she believes the Spirit told her to stop and listen to what Elder Harris had to say. (He made her miss her train, but c'est pas grave.) She accepted everything we taught, agreed to start reading the Book of Mormon, and offered her information so we could give it to the missionaries in the States! They're going to stop by and teach that whole family. All because Elder Harris stopped a lady in the street in the middle of somewhere.
Last experience. Last week, right after emails, we got frouged and found ourselves with nothing to do. So we went porting. (We almost never go porting because I hate it and I'll find any other missionary activity to do than that.) Long story short: that frouge, a late bus, a prompting from the Spirit, a slammed door, some overly-obscure directions given by previous missionaries, a lack of graffiti, a double mix-up of two different names, and a conversation with some guy about black people in the church, all played their part in bringing us to a specific random door on a Monday night, on which we proceeded to knock. When they didn't answer, we knocked again. And then three more times after that. And then they let us in (!!!) and let us discuss our message a bit. They were agnostic and pretty open. We dropped a Book of Mormon off later in their native language (Portuguese) and we hope to see them again soon. I just wanted to share that story because getting into a home in France from knocking on doors is a miracle in they don't even believe in God. Crazy. More on that couple next week.
Today we visited Sacré Coeur which was beautiful and remains one of my favourite sites in all of France.
Love you all! Be good. God will guide you if you make efforts to draw closer to Him. I've seen that over and over and I know it's true.

Elder Stanford
The three copies of the Book of Mormon that I used on Saturday


The view from Sacré-Coeur

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