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Monday, July 13, 2015

Just a week in the grind

Hey guys! Not really feeling a whole big blog email but here goes anyway.
This week was one of those that just flew by with no incredible stories. Just a week in the grind. When I was in Elder Harris's place (one week away from Transfer 3), we had just had Lony's baptism. Crazy to think it's been three months.
We reconnected with an old ami, Albert, and had two great lessons with him. He's always tired because he works a night job plus a part-time day job. He promised to be at church, and prayed at the end of the lesson that God would grant us a car so we wouldn't have to take transport everywhere. Haha.
Maria, the one Elder Harris found by doing service, came to church! All three hours! That night we met with her and her family, and got her to say her first non-recited prayer out loud. She's coming back next week!
Bishop has asked us to stop talking to Christian about baptism because his parents are being butts about this. It's sad. He turns 18 in like 7 months though.
That's pretty much all the news from this week. Love you all!

Elder Stanford

Boubous, Round 2

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