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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Of General Conference and friends

Hey family and friends!

First of all, big shoutout to the Tillemans and the Primary! Thanks for the letter! You guys are the best. 

So this week was General Conference which was awesome. If you come with a question, listen attentively and take notes, you're sure to leave the conference not only as a slightly better person, but with a huge desire to become the best person that you can be (because hint: that's the person God wants you to be). And it's cool because with His help and thanks to His Son, the best you can become is far greater than what your best would otherwise have been. 

If you haven't watched Conference, I encourage you with all the energy of my soul to go to and watch it. If Moses were around, wouldn't you want to hear what he had to say? There is a prophet on the earth today as well. It's like the holy scriptures, but meant specifically for modern times, and not written in Ye Olde English. 

Whose talks were the best? That's for you to decide, dear reader. For my situation personally, I liked Elder Lawrence's, Brother Durrant's, Elder Renlund's, and many others. Different talks, such as Elder Foster's and President Utchdorf's, are ones that I can see being very helpful for me and others down the road. 

This weekend was also a cool occasion because my dear friends Josie and Taylen stopped in Liège and watched Conference with me. Shoutout to them because they are awesome! My mommy will probably post pictures so no worries about that. 

As far as missionary stuff, suffice it to say that our last couple weeks of not getting the usual results for our work have ended. We don't have too many progressing amis right now, but we managed to get a BUNCH of new amis this week. Most of them were actually delayed results from last week or the week before. 

Which brings me to ponder again on the impossibility of measuring the real impact of a mission. If I'm seeing good results a couple weeks after putting the work in, I wonder how many good results I haven't seen because they've come months after. Or how many good results haven't even happened yet but will because of some of the things I've done. I'm convinced that I'll see a small fraction of those good results years down the road, and the rest in my Heavenly Highlight Reel. Yes, that is the first thing that happens upon entrance into the Celestial Kingdom. #doctrinebystanford

I love you all! Keep it real. A good way to do that is by watching Conference and inviting others to do the same. 

Elder Stanford

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