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Monday, December 28, 2015

"Mon frère, je suis à Paris"

Merry Christmas everyone!

"Je suis à Paris" is a running joke among those missionaries who have taught Africans in France. If you haven't had someone tell you they're in Paris when you call to ask if they're still coming to your appointment, you didn't serve in the France Paris mission. It's just the way it goes.

Right then. This week...everyone was in Paris. It's as if there were a huge party being thrown there and everyone was invited but me. A big African party (by that I mean a big party for Africans, not necessarily a party for big Africans) where they play "C Bon Le Mariage" on big speakers and dance around in boubous and eat spicy semoule and talk to each other in that language that all Africans seem to understand regardless of nationality. That's what I'm imagining, because why else would everybody be there at the same time??

Christmas was good though. I wanted to give a HUGE thank-you to everyone who sent me stuff for Christmas. I really got too much.
(Seriously though. Either I'm going to die from all the candy I got, or I'm going to have to throw a party similar to the one in Paris in order to give some away.) We also ate at the Raherimandimby family's house for over 2 hours straight. Not that you care about whose house it was, but I just like saying Raherimandimby. Try it. But yeah, thank you everyone who send me cards and packages! I now know I haven't yet been forgotten.

Last spiritual thought of 2015:

Right now, we're in a special moment where we still have the feeling of Christmas and we remember the Saviour more strongly, but the new year hasn't yet begun. I think we should all profit from this occasion to begin setting goals, using that special spirit of Jesus Christ that hasn't made its leave, for how we can be closer to Him in this new year than ever before.

I love you all! Be good.

Elder Stanford

Christmas Skype call ! 

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