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Monday, January 4, 2016

Larry's story

Hey all! So transfers are this week, and we found out that Elder Smith is leaving to Rennes on Wednesday, after only three months here in the promised land of Amiens. We'll be going to Paris to drop him off and pick up my new companion, Elder Pumford. I know him already; he's a great missionary and I'm really excited to work with him. He's from Canada (first Canadian comp). Also, he looks like Clark Kent. I'll show you next week.

This week was Larry's baptism! Everything went well. Let me tell you his story. 

Larry is from Nigeria, born and raised, and has always been a really faithful guy. While there, he had a dream: he was flying high above the earth, looking down at it, searching for gospel truth. When he flew over Africa, everything was dark. But as he flew over Europe, he saw that some parts were lit up with the light of the true gospel. 

The exact same dream happened every night for a week. At the end of the week, he decided he needed to do something about it. So he packed his bags and flew to France, where the dream had shown him that gospel truth would exist, to begin a new life. Soon afterward, his friend Olive introduced him to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

The rest is history. After some time exploring the church and the Book of Mormon, a few lively debates with the missionaries, and an extremely sacred experience or two during church--the descriptions of which I don't view as appropriate material to just throw online--Larry was convinced that the gospel truth is found here. He is now one of the newest members of the restored church of Christ. 

Happy New Year! Soyez sages!

Elder Stanford

PS Church was great yesterday! We had the confirmation of Larry, one of our recent converts got the Priesthood, four amis showed up to Sacrament, we had a great discussion in Gospel Principles class with all our African recent converts, we taught Primary again, and we had my first branch council in Amiens. Good stuff. 

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