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Monday, January 11, 2016

Just an email to let you know I'm still alive

Hello all,

We didn't get to see many amis this week. It was crazy busy, I went to Paris twice for transfers and whatnot, and the rest of the time just seeing LARCs (less-active or recent convert) that we need to take care of.

My language learning program on the iPad may be slightly too easy at times.   

These are my new contacting shoes that I found in the Strasbourg apartment.
Each weighs about as much as my old contacting shoes combined.
They will survive the apocalypse.
It's like someone polished two potatoes black, then cut sections out of a tire and slapped them on the bottoms. 

This is two transfers ago in Strasbourg when Elder Pumford and Elder Lucas came from Nancy for an exchange. Elder Pumford is the one who looks like Clark Kent.

Your fault for sending these [paper crowns] to me. 

Out our apartment window

I'm learning Broken! Remember the language I talked about a few weeks ago? It's how Koffi (a Togolese recent convert) and the Nigerian recent converts communicate. Koffi doesn't speak English and they don't speak French but they all speak Broken. 

So I learned that "dey" is a little like être, and every conjugation is the same: dey. So that word shows up in most sentences. "How are you" is "How you dey." And the response is "I dey fine." Then I learned about past, present and future! Examples:

He is not big: him no dey big. 
He was not big: him no dey big befo'.
He will not be big: him no go big.  

Next week the whole mission is meeting with Elder Kearon of the 70! So that'll be cool. And off we go back to Paris. 

More in another email! Love you all! Be good! We go see latah. 

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