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Monday, January 18, 2016

The Kearon Conference

Hey hey hey!

So this week was the Elder Kearon Conference. It was awesome to be in a room with a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, hearing what he had to say and being able to ask him questions. He said a lot of things that made me reflect on what I can improve in my daily missionary work. 

Elder Kearon is actually a convert to the church. That one fact made it so much more interesting to hear what he had to say. Not only that, but he discovered the church by being contacted in the street by sister missionaries, like I do on such a regular basis. He was baptized at 26, after over fifteen invitations to baptism. When I go out contacting, do I ever think to myself that I might go talk to someone who will end up being a general authority - someone who will lead hundreds of thousands of church members across a multiple countries? I'll give you a hint for the answer to that question: it's "no." But perhaps I should think that way. 

When someone asked him what made him stop when the missionaries contacted him in the street, he said, "Their smiles." What difference can a smile make? There's just one. 

Other things he said that I'd love to share:
- We are agents to act, not to be acted upon. Good things won't usually happen unless we make them happen. Attack the day!
- Feeling the Spirit for the first time is "like a little part of my soul was waking up."
- Don't compare yourself to anyone but yourself. 
- "Stop worrying so much. Just work really hard."

                                                       Last transfer district pictures

I will hit my year mark this week! It went by fast. I'm told the second year goes by faster than the first six months. According to missionary tradition, as you saw in The Saratov Approach, I should burn a shirt this week. I'll go with my 5€ impulse purchase from H&M that can only fit the skinniest of all ties under its collar. 

Any other news from this week will have to wait until next, because I am out of time. Love you all!  Soyez sages !

Elder Stanford

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