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Monday, February 8, 2016


So we got a self-referral online from a masters student, and in the notes she said she wanted to see us in order to talk about transcendence. What does that mean, you may ask? We weren't too sure either. She met us at the chapel--younger than I thought she would be and super sympa--and ended up interviewing us about...everything. She turned on her voice recorder and asked us questions about our faith, what we did, what "rules" there are in our church, and most importantly, how we got our testimonies. It was really cool actually.
It turns out that by "transcendence" she just meant the idea of getting to a state of mind that's more peaceful and elevated than how we normally are. Basically she wanted to talk to us about feeling the Holy Ghost, though she didn't know that that's what it's called. We ended up talking for an hour and we got to testify about how we found that God was there and that our church was the right one to follow.
She asked me about my grandparents' conversions (shout-out to my awesome grandparents!), the relationship between my biology studies and my religion, etc. And now she'll use it for...something she's doing for school. It was an awesome experience that most people don't get to have.

We had an awesome discussion with Howard again. He's gotten real personal revelation through repentance, and felt the Spirit tell him he needs to move on from his past. This past week, he reflected that despite the fact that we ask for things in prayer, its main purpose is to align our will with God's. How cool is that?? This coming from a guy who said his one of his first vocal prayers ever when we first started teaching him. He is also a master of languages, as I mentioned last week, and we talked for a bit on the English language and how it was influenced by French rulers hundreds of years ago. It turns out the old English word for music was "dreamcraft," which was eventually overpowered by the French "musique." I'm calling it dreamcraft from here on out.

Jetu's doing well! Member referrals are the BEST. We will be giving her a baptismal date soon! Any prayers on her behalf are appreciated.

That's all for this week! Love you all! Be good.

Elder Stanford

Front and side views of the massive Amiens cathedral

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