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Monday, July 4, 2016

Fasting and finding

Hey guys!

I don't have a ton of time, but luckily not a ton of things happened this week that you would be interested in reading.

The week was kind of slow. We did a lot of boring but necessary planning and organizing, including taking care of the blues as they came from all over the mission to do OFII (the thing that everyone has to do to get their legality here--everyone except Elder Rivas and me, that is). Fast Sunday rolled around and we hadn't done nearly enough finding, but still had more tasks on our plate. But on the way to a baptism of a recent convert's kid, I got the distinct impression that we should be doing something else. I'm ashamed to say that I ignored it, attributing the bad feeling to my hunger, stress and tiredness. Five minutes later, as we were about to board the train, Elder Walton looked at me and said "This feels wrong. This isn't what we're supposed to be doing. Let's get out of here." So we did. I was really thankful that he spoke up about his promptings even though I didn't. 

Later, at the spot that we had felt inspired to visit to do some contacting, we were worn. Out. It was raining, we were exhausted and hungry and just low on motivation. We were split up, trying to talk to different people but still within sight of each other. And as it always happens, before going home to eat we decided to talk to just a few more people. And Elder Walton talked to the golden one, a Nigerian (yes!) who's here finishing his Ph.D. This guy, Jimmy, is searching for just what we have. We'll see him this Thursday. 

That's all I've got. Love you all! Be good! À lundi prochain. 

Elder Stanford
Mission Française de Paris

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