Serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in northern France, southern Belgium and Luxembourg.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Désiré, Aurélien, Lilianne, homeless guy.

My week was uneventful, except of course Désiré's confirmation. I also got to "mother" a new missionary, which is taking them out contacting the morning they arrive in Paris, the day before they meet their trainers and go to their areas. I still remember my mother. It wasn't a great experience, so I remember just hoping he wouldn't be my trainer haha. 

Aurélien is progressing nicely! He said his first non-memorized prayer with us in our past RDV. Super shy dude but very open and receptive. If all goes well, he'll have a date by the end of the week. 

There's been a homeless guy trying to sleep in the chapel lately... We've been told to check everywhere in the chapel before closing it up. This week, we found him! He was hiding in the bathroom in the cellar. He told us he was just trying to fix the toilet (at 21h00 on a Tuesday) and then hurried out...into a different part of the church building. We followed him to the top of a stairwell where he had run into a dead-end. He did NOT want to sleep outside again...or go to a homeless/refugee shelter because it smelled too bad...anyway, I went down some of the stairs to call a couple of people with more authority than me. When I came back, Elder Walton was reading aloud from the Book of Mormon with him. It seemed to calm him right down. I told him what the people on the phone said, and he accepted it much more easily. We gave him food and he left willingly. 

I just learned that Lilianne, our miracle contact in Amiens, got baptized!! First person I've ever personally contacted in the street who's gotten baptized. So cool! I'm so happy (:

Not much time left, but know that I love you! 

Elder Stanford

We now have 8 extra we built a couch. 

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