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Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 104. Some new issues have arisen.

We may need to involve the police in this Mme C situation.
It wouldn't be the first time. She's called the police on the missionaries in our apartment before, on account of the noise they were apparently so senselessly making. The police showed up, pretty much said "Yeah the floor is old, nothing we can do," asked the missionaries why they had no TV, and left.
But I'm not kidding about involving the police again. Let me explain. Recently, she hasn't come up to yell at us very often. She tore our label off our mailbox, and when we didn't retaliate, it seemed to tame the beast known as "Mme C's rage" a little bit. Even though my son and the other missionary who's new to the apartment have actually made more noise than we ever did before, we haven't seen very much of her. Good? I think not. She may just be attacking us in a different way.
So our mailboxes in our apartment building have a broken lock, meaning that anyone can access anyone's mailbox. We've also gotten no mail for a couple of weeks now. Suspicions arose in our minds, but we decided we were just being paranoid. THEN! This morning, I saw a letter from my dear cousin Hunter, serving his mission in California. We all decided to put it to the test: now that we knew the letter was there, we could leave it in the mailbox and see if it mysteriously disappears. We went out for P-day, came back, letter. Somebody has been taking our mail. Now I'm not great at legal stuff, but I'm pretty sure that's a federal offense. Call me judgmental, but we're pretty sure there's only one lady in the world who would do that.
Also, if you've recently sent letters to me or anyone else serving in Antony, and they haven't been answered, there's your reason.
More updates to follow. Elder Stanford, out.

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