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Monday, May 18, 2015

Mini missionary miracles

Hey guys! It's still day 104. I wanted to write one email of complaints and then one email of a couple happy miracles, in a sort of "the night is darkest just before the dawn" theme.
This week has been a good one. Especially the second half. First of all, Roshan, who I mentioned last week, came to church! The lesson in Sunday School was perfect for him and he strengthened his desire to bring changes into his life. Also, our ami Hubert came for the first time. This week we're expecting many more as well!
Also, my hopes of teaching a family have finally been realized. A less-active member in the ward made his way back to church and had us start teaching his wife and kids! 5 beautiful kids. It's great. They are all 10 years old or younger and so great.
So. Mini miracle #1: The aforementioned guy, Matthieu, texted us to confirm our rendez-vous that we had set that night at 7. Long story short, our reply didn't send, which eventually led to the meeting being changed to 6:30. On our way there, we met a guy on the bus who had been taught by missionaries years ago and wanted to start again! We got his number and set a rendez-vous for this week. If we hadn't been on that bus, we never would have found him. If our text had sent, we would have been on a different bus half an hour later. In short, failed text = new ami. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Heck, if I were all-powerful, I'd do fun little stuff like that too.
Mini miracle #2: We have a policy where, when someone Frouges us, we contact 10 people before going home to do something else. But before the RDV we had set, when we were planning, we felt as though if we got Frouged, 10 wouldn't be quite enough this time. We decided on 12. We ended up getting Frouged (for those of you who have just joined us, "Frouged" means getting stood up for a rendez-vous. Be sure to tune in next week). After contacting 7 people with no results, we got a bit discouraged and thought "let's go, we'll just contact the other 5 on the way home." But then the feeling came back, No, you planned to contact 12 people around here, now go do it. So we did. And guess what. The 12th person happened to be an ex-TJ who was interested in learning more about how to get a personal relationship with God. Well buddy, have we got the message for you! We've already met with him once and he's down to know more. Spiritual promptings are real.
That's all, folks! Keep it real. Until next time.
Much love,

Elder Stanford

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