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Monday, May 4, 2015

My first week of fatherhood

Hello all you wonderful human beings. This week has been an adventure for sure.
Training a blue is wonderful and challenging. I know that I can help him become a great missionary though, because we were assigned to each other through revelation and the Lord will give me the capacities to meet my new calling. You know how some missionaries' goal is to become AP? My goal is to train a future AP.
Elder Harris, my blue, is a really good guy. I love him. His French is excellent for someone this new, and he's got a huge desire to learn more of it. He's also a fearless street contacter. It's great. We have lots on common. He is the 3rd of 5 children, he does park skiing like me, and he's got a desire to work hard and see great things.
I prayed much for us to have a great spiritual experience to help start Elder Harris into his mission with a love for the work. It happened. Remember Helder, the miracle find from months ago? We were finally able to see him again! We had a PERFECT rendez-vous, not because we were perfect or said anything incredible, but because the Spirit was so strong. He has a huge desire to change his life. It's amazing. He accepted to read the Book of Mormon and pray to see if it's true, and he even came to church! He liked it and got to tie a friendship with some members there, including some who speak his native language of Portuguese

. Anyway, after the RDV, Elder Harris and I just couldn't stop talking about what an incredible lesson it was. We were on a spiritual high for the whole next day. Prayer answered.
Okay, now let me tell you about the Belair family. They were found by Elder Wheatley while he was on an exchange, through some inspired tracting. They were legitimately led by the Spirit straight to this random apartment building, felt like they should start knocking on the top floor instead of the bottom, and found her on the fourth door they knocked. Sister Belair is a less-active who stopped coming to church due to an illness, never made it back, and somehow got lost from the ward directory. She let them in right away, we've been teaching her, and she came to church last week too! First time in years and years. It was a great Sunday yesterday, sitting there in between Helder and Simone Belair as they experienced a (re)exposure to the Spirit that is present in sacrament meeting.
We finally got to see Christian again! It required playing soccer with him and his buddies for a whole morning so we could talk to him after, but I won't complain. He told us a lot about his life that I didn't know, a lot of which is too personal to share over email, but suffice it to say that 1) He has so so much faith, and 2) He thinks his parents would be okay with him being baptized! It worked! The letters and prayers and rendez-vous beside soccer fields and his consistent desire to attend church has finally won them over. He would like to set a baptismal date for after school is over, so he won't be as stressed about the massive exam French people have to take. But I'm okay with it. A July baptism is a baptism.

Other than that, I've just been showing a jet-lagged and confused blue the wonders of mission life in Paris France. We've taught some great lessons that I will never have time to talk about in fullness, but we've experienced lots of joy and adventure together already. And we've only gotten lost once.
Much love!

Elder Stanford

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